Covid Safety

As we welcome you back to our Resorts, here is an update on the safety and precautionary measures inter alia that we have enforced in the wake of COVID-19 to ensure that your experience with us is thoroughly safe & secure.

Covid Safety

Thermal Screening

Thermal Screening of everyone entering the property premises is being done on a mandatory basis.

Hand sanitizing station

Hand sanitizing station have been installed at multiple points at the Resort

Guest Rooms

Rooms are being allotted to new guests only after 24-hour cooling period post disinfection


Seating arrangements at Restaurants have been realigned to ensure adequate social distancing

Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre is now open for use in strict adherence to all the norms and guidelines which have been set by the government. Great care has been take to ensure the highest levels of hygiene is maintained for the safety of our guests.

Protective Gears

Protective Gears i.e. Mask has been made compulsory for everyone

Social distancing

Social distancing norms are being strictly followed at our properties and signages to remind and encourage people to do so have been put in the public areas.

Public Areas

Cleanliness of the public areas and public touch points is being done at regular intervals with hospital grade disinfectant

Contactless Service

To ensure contactless service, we have further upgraded our systems by incorporating the latest in technologies. You can now check-In, check-out, place order with E-Menu, Settle transactions among others through your mobile phone.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool is now open for use to guests with stringent guidelines being followed and comprehensive precautions taken to ensure the safety of the guests.