About Us

We are social animals. And thank god for that. Be it work or play, 'tis the age of networking, connecting, collaborating. That makes for a happier, more productive world. This is the simple belief that made us reimagine the hotel experience. Beyond superior rooms and a la carte dining and banquet halls and business centres.

Our design philosophy keeps the social citizen - the resident at the centre of it all and imagines a buzzing,

Built around you. Social by design.

Early morning flights, on the go coffee, insane traffic, big queues, slow-mo check-ins get the temperature up and mood down. Grrrr and more Grrrr!!

While we can’t change flight schedules or stirrup artisanal coffee at the airport or get that traffic moving, we could do better. We simply start by just getting it and moving on it.

Easier. Quicker. Better. We give you Tritons.

These are habitats and spaces that are social by design, be it offline or online. These are places of conversations, creature comforts, design, color and plenty of friends.

With free WiFi that chases you day and night, breakfasts that load you with superfoods, easy spaces to put your leg up and hair down, design savvy rooms with an IQ, colorful public areas, restaurants that breathe life, wrinkle-free service that’s always on and happy, chirpy micro-discoveries we call, our Xperiences to give you company.

All neatly wrapped up with wallet-friendly prices and a smile. As we mentioned, we start by just getting it and moving on it. Curated by international designers and Indian artists, Triton by Shyama Hotels and Resorts is a chain of upscale hotels, a vision of the iconic Park Hotels. Geared to be hubs of social interactivity for the modern business and leisure traveler, in the cities they serve. With relaxed, un-boxy spaces where connections are made and ideas exchanged, a happening bar and restaurants that buzz, Triton is much more than just a hotel. It is a social shift in hospitality.


At Triton, the theory of friend-economics comes into play. This is about delivering a higher experience with unique design, great service and luxurious little extras at an unbeatable value. So that a guest becomes a friend for life. The WI-FI is free, the in-room mini bar and laundry service fares are guest-friendly. Ensuring that you always feel, you got more than what you paid for.


The Lobby

everywhere you look, Triton speaks the language of interaction. It is informal, inviting and never intimidating. The open plan lobby is where life converges spontaneously. Designed as casual, flexible free-flowing spaces for reading, working, meeting, greeting, eating, people watching or just chilling out, the unique experience of Triton begins right here. It will change the way people meet up, tweet up and put their feet up! With vibrant colors and contemporary styling, every element in the lobby promotes social engagement. This is a place to network, load up on information and catch the buzz.

Guest rooms designed for endless likes

smart rooms combine new age technology with distinctive design, smart storage spaces and multifunctional furniture, contemporary, comfortable, customised for today’s multi-taskers. That's what a stay at Triton is about . A touch pad gives the guest complete control over their experience. A luxury bed and a large flat screen are upscale touches. There are nooks for modern gizmos, wellplanned storage spaces and many extras that will have guests coming back.


flexible, free-flowing spaces invite reading, working, meeting, greeting, eating, dining, playing or just being.